Weight Loss

Weight loss varies with each individual depending upon a variety of factors. For so many people, natural weight loss is an overwhelming process that includes starvation, feeling unhappy and tired, and ultimately, gaining back what was once lost.

We offer an integrative weight loss protocol to determine the body’s imbalances in hormones, thyroid, blood sugar issues, digestion issues, stress and emotions, this helps us learn why the body is holding on to extra weight. 

This device is truly a Godsend, it takes the guesswork out of identifying what should be added or eliminated from the diet. It enables us to detect food sensitivities (a major cause of chronic inflammation), nutrient deficiencies, toxins within the body, determine the energetic level of each and every organ in the body and how well it is functioning and identify heavy metals such as mercury and other types of allergies and molds that are causing a breakdown of the immune system.

We look at your current diet and the incorporation of improved food choices, elimination of foods causing hidden inflammation, toxins and unhealthy weight gain. Applying the principals of food as medicine as both preventative and restorative in all types of disease. Emphasizes clean eating for healthy aging, ideal body weight and optimal health.