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Natural Medicine of Palm Beach offers a division for your pets. We believe in the natural approach to your pet's healthy lifestyle. We specialize in Bio-Energetic (MSA) Screening which is a system used to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your pet’s energetic health and balance. This non-invasive analysis used with your pet’s DNA produces valuable information about your pet’s vital functions. ​
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Allergy Sensitivities:
Just like people, our pets can show allergic symptoms when their immune systems begin to recognize certain everyday substances-or allergens- as dangerous. Even though these allergens are common in most environments and harmless to most animals, a dog or cat with allergies will have an extreme reaction to them. Allergens can be problematic when inhaled, ingested or contact a pet’s skin. As their body tries to rid itself of these substances, a variety of skin, digestive and respiratory symptoms may appear.
Why Should I Use Bio-energetic (MSA) screening?
Early detection and preventative health screenings can help detect any specific imbalances that may be root causing in your pet. Once specific imbalances are identified, we will create a personalized protocol for your pet based off of his or her needs. This enables your pet’s body time to heal itself naturally, often before symptoms manifest. 
Will This Screening Cure My Pet of Disease?

The screening is not a treatment device; nor is it intended to make a medical diagnosis to replace medical intervention. Its purpose is only to assess your energy and stress levels. We help pet owners with needs to find more answers.

Are you seeking Natural alternative therapies whenever possible for your pets?
We can help with a practical and common-sense approach. We believe that when you share your life with a pet, nothing brings peace of mind like knowing that your pet is truly as happy and healthy life.
Pet Anxiety & Separation Issues:
Why does my pet have anxiety or separation issues? Questions like this are quite common for most pet owners, but when put to the test, many owners don’t have all the answers as to why dogs behave the way they do.

So, you already know your dog’s happy when he wags his tail, or angry when he bares his teeth, but how well do you truly know your dog’s inner emotions?
Dogs have feelings, but unfortunately, they can’t use words to convey them.
Let us help you find out what your pet is really trying to tell you!
Pet's Wellness Assessment Test Library Includes:

Food Sensitivities
Emotional Imbalances 
Nutritional Assessment Allergies
Environmental Sensitivities
Vitamin Deficiencies 
Thyroid Imbalance
Lyme - Parasite Signatures 
Joint/Connective Tissue 
Hormone Signatures
Inflammation Acidity (PH) ​Toxic stressors 
And Many More