Health & Wellness

" I continue to feel great and emotionally balanced". Kelly

General Health & Wellbeing Profile

We look at your current diet and the incorporation of improved food choices, elimination of foods causing hidden inflammation, toxins and unhealthy weight gain. Applying the principals of food as medicine as both preventative and restorative in all types of disease. Emphasizes clean eating for healthy aging, ideal body weight and optimal health.

This beneficial nutrition and wellness consultation is designed to give clients a clear and comprehensive picture of their current health profile along with a life-long plan of healthy eating, stress reduction, better absorption and digestion of foods, toxin elimination and healthy weight management. 

For clients that may have been diagnosed with a chronic illness, degenerative disease, anxiety, insomnia, unusual symptoms or simply want to maintain or achieve optimal health with proper nutrition and natural healing. Discussion of life-long remedies for healthy aging of the body, mind and spirit.

We offer Bio-energetic testing for a wide range of health issues. The test library is vast, often a client is unsure of what, specifically, is really wrong with them – that is – what the key issue is that is driving their health situation down. In that case, the bio-energetic testing reveals through the Comprehensive Test what the greatest concerns are.

Screenings sessions vary accordance to the specific needs of our clients and include but are not limited to:

"Thank you for the drops, I am looking forward to taking them again. I really felt a difference without them". Lori
Food & environmental sensitivities
Nutritional deficiencies
Hormone Imbalances
Emotional disturbances/Stressors
Nutritional Assessment
Acidity (PH)
Metabolic Disturbance
Weight Loss Difficulties
Thyroid Imbalances
Electro Magnetic Disturbance
Menstrual & Menopausal Problems
​Toxic stressors 
Heavy metal build-up
Vertebral misalignments & soft tissue disturbance
Symptom check

Supplement check (bring your supplements, prescriptions, herbs, etc. for your appointment)
Customized digital homeopathy
Health & Wellness  Pricing:

Please contact us with anyquestions about pricing/packages.